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You may be asking yourself: 


"So is Genie Snyder a genius?"

"Does she really bring magic to the stage?" 

"Should I get our event on her calendar now?" 

People call her the Genieus Connector.

She uses her brilliant brain through the kindness of her heart!

Executive Consulting Firm

Every keynote is designed for your audience. And she knows what it is like to be in your seat. That is where she starts, in your seat – not on the stage. 


Whether she's opening or closing your conference -  or emceeing that big event for you, Genie will have connected with you WAY before. By the time she speaks on your stage, we will have begun a relationship. The Genieus Team will have asked a lot of questions to make sure she is bringing the “Genieus” that you want!

She uses her brilliant brain through the kindness of her heart!

Executive Consulting Firm

  • WHAT do you see happening during your event AND as a result of your event?

  • WHERE are you now and what “stage” is your audience, company, organization navigating?

  • WHO do you want to attend?

  • HOW are they being invited to prepare for your event?

  • WHEN your people are walking out after we work together, what action will they take?

We want to make this easy to curate exactly what you want!                                        

Can't wait to connect on these points and MORE...

Everybody is going through their own stage of life and work.  They may just need a little genie magic to connect their genius to ACTUATE the POSSIBLE.





...that we can actuate the possible when the connections are powerful. 

"I love living by the principle of contradiction ...

planning well up front to be spontaneous when it counts. 

I have been planning for you.

I can’t wait to connect with you and your genius."

So the answers to the questions above are

"YES" and "YES!"

Why Genie?

Dr. Genie Snyder has a knack for connecting with a crowd as soon as she hits the door or the stage. Always willing to think differently, she is not afraid to ask hard questions to inspire people to bring out their own “Genieus.” Her ability to start a buzz in the audience and create an unexpected atmosphere opens minds and encourages understanding. After hearing Genie speak, people are energized and running with a handful of practical tools to gain traction in their own stage of business or life. 

Genie possesses the rare ability to balance sincerity with business savvy. She has been called the “go to gal" for serious change, but her sense of humor keeps people in their seats. While her energy and excitement can't be truly captured in text, you will just have to meet her for yourself. Bring Genie to your next event!

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Or let's create a custom one for you!


  • During this keynote, leaders are invited to step into their own genius.

  • Genie shines a bright light on leadership.

  • Your audience leaves with a spark in their step.

Cultivate your leadership spark

This is for you if your leaders are stuck in a leadership conundrum -    

wondering how to cultivate their brightest into leaders. Or if you and your leadership team are wondering the same thing about yourselves, but don’t want to say it out loud. Leaders can be geniuses by helping others express their genius. our leaders and aspiring leaders “plug into outlets” for renewed energy.  The ideas cultivated from both seats and stage spark momentum before you hit the door. 

Connect your Genieus! 

Create your own Genieus culture

  • Express your genius at work and life without blowing your circuit.

  • Learn the magic of connection to light up your business.

  • Understand how to lighten workload by deepening vital relationships.

Genie is a natural Connection Genieus. She is generous in sharing the methods behind her magic. In this keynote, begin to know how to engage with each other – right where you are sitting. And that’s it – she starts right where the audience is – and then leads them through hands on applications to show the magic of connection to build business and vital relationships. You will use new processes on the way to the convention concourse or at the airport.

I Dream of...
by Genie

Dreaming up an idea, but can’t get traction?

  • Thought leaders and idea innovators simply lead business and the world. 

  • Communicating thoughts and ideas is not simple. 

  • In this keynote, if you can create it, Genie helps you connect it.

Communication nightmares at work?  

WISH you could say what you mean and have it magically received?

Dreaming up an idea, but can’t get traction? 

Ah, here’s the rub. 


Have we forgotten how to talk as humans? Digital, verbal or visual, communicating is still the critical path to building how we grow a business, an organization, an institution or a board of directors.

Disclaimer – this is not an “old school” communication session – and not for the faint of heart. This keynote is fast paced, free-thinking and innovative in approach. You will leave freed up to express your own genius!


Genieus Tips from a Server

  • Customer service is out. Serving others is in. 

  • In this keynote, Genie uses her gift of hospitality and design to serve up time-tested tips more valuable than a gratuity on Venmo. 

  • Even if your customers are not right, learn how to make sure they are not LEFT out.

Serving others is at the heart of Genie’s mission, whether from the stage, as a consultant, or as a former “waitress” wearing an apron and a polyester skirt. Stakeholders and steak-holders are looking for the same thing - they want someone to understand their priorities and exceed their expectations. 


Oh, and they want more each time. 

Serving is not always magical and the customer is not always right. (Did I read that right?!) However, in the Genieus Philosophy of Serving, the customer is not LEFT out - and neither are those working to serve. 

Image by Nacho Capelo


Genie is a DYNAMO!! She’s knowledgeable, experienced, and full of energy. 

CEO/Chairman of the Board, Manufacturing

Entertaining, motivational, and UNFORGETTABLE describe a day with Genie. Multi-talented and energetic, she delivers a message that makes a difference.

The delivery is enthusiastic and energetic and CONNECTS with her audience.

Director of Talent Management

Healthcare System Executive

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