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Connecting the Genieus 

of people + process  

to actuate the possible.

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Cultivate Momentum

Create a Connection 

Curate Action toward Traction

 You are not alone in feeling awkward. We all do. That is why I created these group experiences – to allow you to find your own Genieus, even more confidence.


Genius is defined as “a level of talent…that is rare or remarkable.”


What sets you apart?


It's time to connect your

The Leaders'

Circuit (TLC)

For people who are ready to shine and level up in their life and work

Genieus People

Strategists (GPS)

For strategic executives, a distinctive opportunity to connect with true peers and actuate the possible



For people who are driven to discover their own next best step and want to get traction ASAP

Want more of a custom-tailored event or group consulting designed specifically for your organization?

We would love to create an experience just for you!

Find out more about the Genieus Team!

We listen to you, we look at your processes, your goals, your vision –  then we connect contradictory concepts and turn them into complementary connections. I would love to learn more about your Genieus culture. A doctorate in mission and change mixed with professional experience working with thousands of people across the US and internationally makes me even more curious about your work and your future. I am standing ready to learn more together with you to transform where you want to go powered by your Genieus.

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Genieus Coaching is for you if...

... you know your inner genius is there, but is not showing or being shared with the world

... you have held yourself back because you lack confidence in a certain area

​... you want to engage with others as a leader, but are not surrounded by mentors or colleagues that can invite you to grow

​... you have a burning desire to do more in a particular area, but are stuck in the start-up phase or some other rut and can’t move on

... you want to cultivate your own leadership or that of others

​... you want to create something new in your work or life - though you need support to actually get it done

.. you know that your communication style or skills are standing between you and that next big step

​... you are overwhelmed and need to edit something from your life OR if you need to refine a skill set or a thought pattern

My mission is to invite people to actuate the possible with process.
The real moments of "Genieus" come when you use these practices IN REAL LIFE. 


You have thought about this for a long time, signed up for short-term fixes, or have talked about doing that next big thing for too long.

You CAN take the step.
You are READY for the next level of leadership.
You do WANT to get your big idea out there.
You can INVEST in yourself and your future.

Trust comes from cultivation, not compliance.

Real connections are created, not coerced.

Clear and courageous communication is curated, not compelled.

Though it can be overwhelming - all you need is a moment of genius!


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A year from now, you don’t want to be looking back asking the same question. You want to be looking forward toward where you are going next.


Or what if by the end of next quarter, you were communicating so well with your partners, colleagues or direct reports, that you were already benchmarking a record year?


Isn’t a 15 minute Connect Call worth the time to find out how you can get momentum?  You stand in line longer than that for a coffee sometimes. You won’t miss the 15 minutes. Don’t wait for the next time.  You may miss the NEXT best thing.

  • What does Genieus Coaching look like?
    Coaching with me involves a series of Momentum Meetings -whether in a group setting or one-on-one. Group coaching experiences are either in a team format or integrated individuals for a 3-month series. In either format, we focus on specific topics/area of growth though everything is grounded in communication, culture and connection. It is a collaborative process every step of the way.
  • What if I have never been involved in a group coaching?
    No worries at all! We start where you are - whether you are new to business or a seasoned executive. I am here help reduce stress, not add to it. Your genius is the focus - no matter what issue you are trying to address. When we connect with you, the Genieus Team and I will walk you through the onboarding and every step of the process. In addition to the group sessions, you also have a confidential space with me to ask individual questions. Most importantly, coaching is an experience about your growth, so anything you contribute improves the process.
  • How does scheduling work?
    Group sessions are determined at the beginning of each cohort. You will meet weekly on the same date and time each week. If you are doing one-on-one consulting, we are flexible to work with your schedule to meet virtually - though a consistent schedule is laid out at the beginning of each engagement depending on what type of process you choose.
  • How do I know if we are a match?
    You and I will have preliminary sessions to determine if we are the right match for each other. We look for those who want to gain momentum, reach goals (even if you don’t know them right now, and are willing to put energy in the process. Being engaged and transparent is daunting work, but so worth the investment of time and energy. And if we are not a match, we will gladly recommend other coaches. This is about you, not me.

Frequently Asked Questions


We vet each other well before we start working together.
However,  what if you sign up and invest your time and it’s just not working?


We have benchmarks and check-ins along the way to ensure you are tracking well. 

But if it doesn’t work for you, then we determine how to move forward with a money back guarantee. We want this to work for you and for us. 

"Genie energized and empowered our leaders to make our board what it is today. They explain concepts in a way that invites cooperation and coordination in challenging environments, all while working behind the scenes to make it happen. They involve everyone as positive agents of change."

Chairman of the Board, International Manufacturing 

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