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For people who are ready to shine and up their life and work

Are you energized about your career & worklife? 





Here’s the connection you have been seeking.

Join The Leaders' Circuit!

You know you want to be a leader

You just need that nudge to step into your genius

You have a purpose and you want to fulfill it

You are looking for connections of people and resources that bring that SPARK - that new idea, system, company, idea that is going to CHANGE LIVES. 

You just don’t know what is next...


The Leaders' Circuit (TLC) is designed for you.

What is The Leaders' Circuit? 

You will experience dynamic sessions weekly with a small curated circle of other people who are exploring their genius leadership in an in-depth process. Watch the lightbulbs go on and see the sparks fly!

How does TLC work? 

This is like no other coaching experience. You and your new colleagues work weekly with a seasoned professional energizer. You can light up your business through those you are leading directly or those you have not yet met across the world.


Oh, and in case you are wondering, “Do they show me how to do THAT?!” Yes, we show you specifically on HOW to make connections and get more “out there.” And if want to work one-on-one with Genie to bring out more of YOUR true “Genieus,” there is an opportunity to continue to another level. 

What does The Leaders' Circuit include?

One-on-One Connect Call directly with Genie

8 weekly Spark Sessions 

Leadership | Communication Assessments 

Traction Steps

Momentum Group Projects

One-on-One Connects with a Genieus Partner

Leaders' Circuit Certification

 Whether it’s process mapping, 360° Assessments or Executive Coaching, she is EFFECTIVE and HONORS confidentiality. She always goes ABOVE and BEYOND for her clients.

VP, University Development 

The delivery is ENTHUSIASTIC and ENERGETIC and CONNECTS with the audience. Our employees leave with ideas that they can put to use immediately- definitely helping us achieve our GOALS!

Medical System Director of Special Projects 

Genie ENERGIZED and EMPOWERED our committee chairs to make the board what it is today. She involves everyone and serves as a LEADER and positive AGENT of CHANGE

CEO/Chairman of the Board, Manufacturing

Gifted in SPEAKING and RELATING to people, she is unparalleled in the field of customer service. Whether it’s with CEOs or brand new employees, she’s equally EFFECTIVE and APPROACHABLE.

Director of Talent Management 
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  • If you don't have an interest in lifting your people to another level...

  • If you would like to put off your purpose maybe for another year or so…

  • If you really prefer to just hide your lightbulb genius and not share it with co-workers, clients, prospective employers, followers and oh, let’s say, THE WORLD …

Then you are right. This is not for you. 

  • If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives by sharing your genius but are nervous about how to do that … 

  • If you are scared to take that next step… 

  • If jumping “out there” gives you an excited knot in your stomach…


The Leaders' Circuit 
is definitely for you. 

I can't wait to connect with you in the Circuit!

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