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I am known for pulling the genius out of people. Sometimes finding expertise that you didn’t know you had. I look with multiple perspectives and ask a lot of questions from different angles. I study you and what your priority is - not mine. And I believe in strong connection and divine intervention. 

IT IS ABOUT YOU! It is about energizing you and developing your inner genius. You may be seasoned at coaching and want to explore how you communicate that genius. You may be a newbie and have never done coaching before - and are pretty sure you would like to run with your hair on fire. 

Our Genius coaching is to inspire you to engage head and heart to create the best next step you can. My research and expertise is based in real life. Studying change and transition has already fascinated me - and I have made it my life’s work. Now, I know some days you want to change the world and some days, it is all you can do to change your socks… that is life. We link business and life – really they are not separate. I love to work with people who put life into business and “mean business” about their life. 

You and I will link practical business experience with creative ideas that are relevant right now.  I have been a strategic consultant and professional coach for more than 20 years. I have rich experience intentionally working  with diverse people and industries. The intersections of knowledge between organizations or people from different worlds. I’ve been told my greatest strength is my keen intuition to meet people at moments of decision and help them connect the steps in the process and take action. 

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