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Genius People Strategists

For strategic executives, a distinctive opportunity to connect with true peers and create the possible

You run a company, an organization,

an entrepreneurial venture or a board.

You are a leader.

You lead well.

You want to make even more of an impact

with and for people.

GPS Group starting engines ...

You are responsible for others and you want people to thrive.


You know that you are changing the world.


And you know that you are changing people’s lives.

Sometimes don’t you wish you had a peer to talk with candidly and off the cuff?

Would you like to hear how other C-suite or on-the-way leaders might handle your current scenario?

Are you struggling about a people issue, a communications dilemma, a leader selection or a boardroom quandary?

GPS gives you the room where you can talk and collaborate about all those topics in real time with driven leaders.

Every session includes confidential conversations outside your boardroom with the confidence of colleagues. In GPS, you have the chance to share  - with proactively and learn practical processes to save time, headaches and heartache.


Cultivate your next best step today with other servant leaders, either for one critical decision, a next step in work, or a life transition.

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If you wish you could have this type of confidential cohort, then GPS is for you.


She has become our ‘one stop shop’ for leadership development and executive events. She is a ‘professional’s professional’ who has won the respect and appreciation of Georgia’s top policy makers, legislators, academics and business leaders for vision and energy.

CEO, Government Relations Firm 

 I have witnessed Genie’s magic as she has transformed teams with whom I have worked throughout my career in non-profits, healthcare and higher education.

Director of Talent Management 


ConnectCall directly with Genie

6 monthly GPS Directional Forums

Direct conversations with seasoned C-suite leaders each month

Moments of Genieus Presentations

Podcast Guest Opportunity 

One-on-One Strategy Mapping Sessions


  • If you aren’t the least bit curious about what you may miss in GPS...

  • If you don’t have another step to take, another idea to grow, other people to elevate…

Then don’t wonder what you missed in GPS.

  • If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives by sharing your genius…

  • If you would really appreciate a confidential sounding board who is outside your organization and willing to listen

  • If a professional development experience like this is exactly what you have been looking for, but had no idea where to find or even what to call it? 


GPS is definitely for you.

I can’t wait to hear about your leadership genius and how your journey can add wisdom to someone else’s drive.

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